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Calendars and Contacts
View and Share Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

Have you ever had to schedule a meeting with a colleague who’s out of the office? Or try to arrange a group meeting and end up in an endless email chain to find a convenient date? How about finding contact information for a vendor you know your colleague uses?

Business Mail Pro with SyncSuite is the answer to all of these questions, it allows users to view colleagues’ calendars, contacts, tasks and notes through Webmail. All users have the option to share personal calendars, contacts, tasks and notes across their domain. Easily identify individual and department calendars by designating colors to each when referencing multiple calendars within Webmail.

Increase Communication and Organization

Collaboration enables colleague’s to view each others availability, to plan and schedule meetings, while managers can track day-to-day operations.

Schedule and Track Appointments Anytime, Anywhere

SyncSuite calendar and contacts allows you too easily and efficiently plan and schedule appointments within personal and shared calendars and access company wide contact lists. Always be connected and up-to-date whether in the office or on the road by accessing schedules anytime, anywhere through Webmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, BlackBerry and other wireless SyncML enabled devices.

Interact with colleagues and view and schedule meetings/events/reminders.

Plan meetings using shared calendars and scheduling assistants. Share your Schedules! Allow personal assistants access to your calendar to update important dates and meeting changes while you are traveling, as calendar entries are synchronized to all devices.

Share, Publish and Subscribe to Various Calendars

Set and manage group schedules and have easy-to-identify calendar groups with color themes while providing different access levels to different users to add to, delete, read only or see when times are free/busy.

Invite Co-workers to Meetings

Send meeting invitations to co-workers with automatic email notifications.

Overall Calendar Features
  • Personal and shared calendar accessibility
  • Supports unlimited number of calendars
  • Associate user access levels to shared calendars with add, delete, read, edit or free/busy permission settings
  • View Calendars by day, week, month
  • Advanced event search – by event title, specific calendar, time span (start-on/end-on)
  • Individual calendar color identification
  • Invite attendee notification

Overall Contacts Features
  • Personal and shared contact lists
  • Individual contact directories
  • Group contact directories
  • Enhanced contact profiles
  • Auto complete contacts
  • Quick add contacts

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